The EMIS cycle

The EMIS process consists of five steps:

Design. Designing and reviewing the questionnaire and planning/refining the entire EMIS process. 

Data Collection. Training of administrators on the questionnaire completion, questionnaire distribution, retrieval of completed questionnaires, error checking and validation conducted by the woreda education officers, and zonal education officers, and receiving verified questionnaires at the regional education bureaus.

Data Processing. Entering the data into a common database, merging of all data, and final data cleaning prior to analysis.

Data Dissemination. Analysis and production of tools for use in planning and budgeting. Key tools include the Annual Statistical Abstract, and ad hoc data requests. Data Utilization. Ongoing training and practice that guides the national, regional, zonal and woreda agencies and their partner organizations in the application of EMIS data in building short, mid, and long-term strategic plans and budgets. Download