School Improvement Program Directorate(SIPD)

School Improvement Program is one of the GEQIP components that has been implementing by national level. And hence, this directorate is established as of 2010 to facilitate the implementation at grass root level (school).The Directorate will strengthen the existing school improvement planning processes and the utilization of schools grants to support the School Improvement Plan. Furthermore, it firmly established the system of school improvement plans and school grants and the linkage between the two at school level. It effectively support the efforts of schools to improve teaching and learning inputs and processes directly related to students’ learning, addressing quality, efficiency and equity (including plans to address gender issues and disability)

Rational of the Directorate

Improving the quality of schooling is expected to provide parents to enrol their children in their local schools; improve equity in access to quality education, especially for girls and disadvantaged children in rural areas; to ensure that children are promoted on time to higher grade levels (internal efficiency) and to ensure that children complete school (attainment) with quality learning outcomes. This operation will also contribute to the sectoral objectives related to both poverty reduction and economic growth by supporting the quality and relevance of primary and secondary education, both of which would help the Region create more educated and skilled labour force.

Objectives of the Directorate

To Improve the Ethics & Learning outcomes of students through conducive Teaching and learning environment.

School Improvement Program Domains

  • Teaching & Learning
  • Conducive Environment
  • School Management and Administration
  • Community Participation

Structure Wise

The Directorate has the following programs

  • Pre-primary
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Gender &
  • Sport

Major Activities of the Directorate

  • Design/sets Regional School Improvement Goals
  • Sets School Improvement strategies in line with Federal
  • Monitor the Woreda & schools are implementing as per the regional Targets
  • Translate National Different Standards and Guidelines
  • Support the schools on strategic school plan & yearly plan in order to improve their level.
  • Monitors and supervise school leaders, community involvement and financial management of the schools.
  • Execute & Monitor National Educational standards and Guidelines of from Pre-primary to secondary Education
  • Evaluates the improvements of students result and design intervention strategies with possible solutions based on Research.
  • Collect Data on schools Improvement to analyze, interpretation and compile regionally
  • Conduct assessment on impacts of educational inputs towards student’s performance and ensuring quality education delivery services and distribute for schools
  • Support and Monitor the implementations of schools on School Health service & School feeding program strategies
  • Deliver different Capacity Building Trainings for school Leaders as well as Woreda Education Experts to improve their executing level
  • Support and Monitor the mobilized educational resources to the school level
  • Supervise WASH program Implementations
  • Provide Emergency School Feeding Program and monitor its implementations

Successes From Establishment of the Directorate

  • Establish Different Platform PTSA & Stockholders to strengthen school and community Relationship
  • Enforce woredas to allocate Block grants for schools
  • In almost all schools,93% of schools have three year strategic plan
  • Budgeting for School feeding program in times of drought and Emergency to provide and ensure accessible quality education